Cheap travel to Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament (<$300)


I’ve been keeping tabs on the new air lines starting in Canada as I have been traveling back and forth to Alberta for the past 2 years now. I sign up for their email newsletters and promos and just received one today that blew me away.

Round Trip airfare from Hamilton to Edmonton AB September 6 to 10th, 2018 is $140.86

But that puts you in Edmonton not Calgary. Not to worry. You can rent a car for $30 per day via

Or take a Greyhound bus down to Calgary for $27.00. Round trip is $54.00

Then stay at any of the many hotels they have in the city or grab a simple room or couch on AirBnB for about $30 a night. I’ve seen some places go as low as $13 but you get what yo pay for.

Some ways to get from the city to Spruce Meadows includes my favourite, the C train. You can ride the train for only $3.10 and there is a shuttle that takes you from the Somerset Bridlewood C train station to Spruce Meadows for free. Full details are here

So by my calculations if you want to get to Spruce Meadows for cheap it will cost you

Airfare: $140.86

Greyhound $54.00

AirBnB (3 nights) $39

Transportation (10 tickets) $30.10


A grand total of $263.96 for a weekend in Calgary for the Masters tournament. 



August 15, 2018 |

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